Ology Dish Liquid

Ology Dish Liquid“Hey mom, don’t forget to pick up more dish detergent.” Those were the dreaded words I read via text messaging as I was cleaning off my car from the tenth snowfall of the day (okay, that’s an exaggeration). What she didn’t know was that I was ready for nothing more than going home, taking off my wet clothing, showering, warming up, and calling it a night. But noooo, she just couldn’t let me have my moment of sanity.

She didn’t wash dishes the night before because I couldn’t bear leaving the house to venture out in the Winter Wonderland, so I couldn’t let more dishes pile up because of my laziness…once again. Sigh. I scanned my brain quickly to strategize an escape from my car to a storefront’s door. All of the parking lot spaces are far away from the door except…..I got it….Walgreens!  Yes, I could park by the door, run in, pick up the soap in a jiffy, and head home.  Yes, that was the best course of action, only I wasn’t certain that Walgreens had dish soap and if they did, it would probably cost an arm and a leg, but I told myself it was worth a shot since I really didn’t want to go anyplace else.

While Walgreens did carry dish soap, it was a rather small selection. However, I was pleasantly surprised that they carried a “plant based” dish soap by Ology. While I’ve used other Ology products (and I think it’s exclusive to Walgreens), I’ve never seen the dish soap, so I was intrigued and overjoyed. I’m into all things natural, so it’s never a hard-pressed sell for me to try any naturally derived product. The results?

Ology Dish Liquid lived up to its claim on the bottle. It cut through grease and grime without us having to soak our dishes overnight and it left our glass-made  dishes sparkling. For a natural product with no harsh chemicals, I definitely cannot complain. It had a price tag of double that of a normal bottle of detergent which will definitely warrant me to coupon scout for future purchases, but it’s definitely a winner in my book. Next time you’re out, pick up some Ology products and let me know what you think. Hopefully, you’ll appreciate using natural products that gets the job done.

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Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap

Meyer's SoapOn my quest to replenish my bottle of Kiss My Face Natural Foaming Hand Soap, I was thoroughly disappointed. My disappointment was two-fold. First and foremost, I thought I had purchased that particular product at Target, but I was at Target for an eternity, rummaging through all of their beauty products, and couldn’t find it to save my life. My second disappointment was not knowing where I purchased that soap if I didn’t buy it at Target. Uh oh, I guess I better change that to three-fold because that meant I had to search for a new product and reading through labels for a product that’s all or nearly all-natural could take hours! Thankfully, it only took minutes, about 20 or so, but it was worth it because I found Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap.

Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap caught my eye because of its basic look. Typically product packaging with bare looks don’t use any or many chemicals and have biodegradable packaging. As I picked up the bottle for a closer look, viola, I was right… “Hardworking, naturally derived ingredients and essential oils” were right on the bottle!”
There were two fragrances available, ‘Honeysuckle and Parsley.’ After reading their more than impressive website about their product, their story, and their ingredients glossary, I purchased four bottles at $3.69 per bottle. That wasn’t bad when compared to all of the other chemically-filled options ranging from $2.49-$3.29 per bottle. I will always prefer to pay the extra few cents if it means I’ll get a better product.

As for the product itself, I’m quite satisfied. I used the Honeysuckle Hand Soap first and was pleasantly surprised. It has a light aromatic fragrance that lingers long after hand washing is over and my hands didn’t feel tight and dry like it would by using a regular hand soap.  It wasn’t foamy, like the Kiss My Face Soap, but gentle nonetheless. I think I found a winner with Meyer’s Clean Day Hand Soap and the bonus is that I remember where I purchased it.  If not, at least I can search for this blog post and find out…LOL. Toodles.

Natural Lee Lee

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Florida Bound Snowman

Image 1This photo showed up on Facebook a couple of days ago and I couldn’t help but crack up laughing as well as cherish it. The day after I saw that photo, I thought about it again. It was at that point that I seriously wished I had hitchhiked with that Florida bound snowman as I shoveled what seemed like football field posing as a driveway that was full of snow for the second time in a matter of hours.

I contemplated buying a snowblower a few times this winter, and I was certainly kicking myself in the butt for not buying one while I was moving a snow mountain with a garden shovel. What was the point of the snowblower now? Winter is almost over, I think….I hope. To add, there’s no point in purchasing a snowblower if I am going to move to a warm and sunny climate by next winter. The only thing is, I don’t know if I’m kidding myself or not. I’d like to think that I’m seriously going to sell my house (or rent it), find a job elsewhere (hopefully online), and relocate before the next winter season.  It’s a tough task, but somebody’s got to do it; especially if the Midwest is expected to have more of these dreaded winters.

I suppose short-term, I could search for a plane ticket to ease my mental, physical, and emotional health from all of the damage the extended snow days this winter has granted us, but it seems easier to wish I was able to hitchhike with the snowman. Well enough of wishful thinking.  As I write, there’s more snow falling right now. Instead of sitting here ranting, I actually need to prepare myself for another DIY Winter Workout. It’s actually the only benefit to shoveling multiple times.  Until next time….

Natural Lee Lee

DIY Winter Workout

DIY Winter WorkoutOkay, so if you’re in the midwest, you’ve been battling the bitter cold, ice, and snow for days. Let’s take it one step further….you’re probably dreading the snow’s next downpour because you’re tired of:

a) being cold
b) being subjected to cabin fever
c) shoveling the snow
d) feeling like you never shoveled the 1st, 2nd, 3rd time, or 100th time
e)all of the above

If I could give you a bit of inspiration, I’d say to turn your snow shoveling hardship into a DIY     Winter Workout. It may not seem like the ideal workout, but truth is if you shovel the snow multiple times per day, you could get in your 4-day a week workout in let’s say….a day?

Consider this: Snow shoveling is a high-intensity exercise that revs up your cardio levels and uses all of your muscle groups . I can vouch for this because when I shovel, my entire body hurts the next day or two (so be careful and stretch prior to the task). Also, if it takes you 30 minutes to shovel snow, you could burn nearly 200 calories. If your driveway is the length of a football field like mine, the hour or beyond you’ll spend shoveling the snow will grant you 400 or more calories burned. I swear it’s the only benefit I could think of while being out there.

So, next time you see the snow fall, the one thing you could do instead of frown or better yet, curse the sky, you could actually thank the heavens for allowing you a workout you didn’t have to plan for. Keep up the good work and enjoy your summer physique…compliments of the nearly national winter wonderland. Yeah…it’s been that bad!

Natural LeeLee

Disclaimer: Multiple research articles classifies snow shoveling as a high-intensity exercise. While everyone should always consult their physician before starting any exercise program, those who have health problems that could increase health risks should talk to their doctor before engaging snow shoveling.  

Green Tea w/Matcha

Okay, I have to tell you about my daily vice and how I’ve been searching all over for it like a mad woman on the loose.  While others go to Starbucks to get their coffee fix, I go for the green tea…with matcha! This is not the little Tazo tea bags type of green tea, it’s the super power, whole leaf, ground into a green powder type of tea.

Starbucks sells this green tea as a latte, so it’s made with milk; I always choose soy. The process has to be completed in a certain way as to prevent bitterness and preserve the full, natural flavor of the tea. Since matcha tea is made with the whole leaf, the individual who drinks it will enjoy the full benefits of the tea which are endless.  Some of the benefits of matcha are its abilities to be a:

  • Fatburner
  • Cancer-fighter
  • Energy booster
  • Natural detoxifier
  • Stress Reliever
  • Much more

Wow!  All of this in green powder?  You bet.

I absolutely love the aroma of a fresh cup of green tea w/matcha, and its exquisite taste leaves me craving for more each and every time. At times, I have gone to Starbucks two or three times per day to purchase the tea, especially when I wasn’t feeling well or when I simply needed a boost of energy to get through the day. Of course since that meant I spent as much as $15 in a day, I decided that buying the powder and making my own lattes would be best, but it wasn’t that easy. While Starbucks sells every other beverage they make for home use, they have not released their matcha powder as a consumer product. Perhaps they know how good it really is and figure they’d make more profit keeping it in-house…not sure.  Either way, I will always go to Starbucks when I’m on my way to work because I’m never getting up earlier in the morning to indulge in making my own lattes. If you’re the same, I suggest you go to Starbucks too. However, when I need my second or third latte for the day, it may be more economical to purchase my own powder and whip up my own blend.

To that end, I found a company that sells the matcha powder so you (and I) can brew up this goodness (in more ways than one) in your own home. The company is called matcha Source. Matcha Source offers matcha powdered green tea for tea, lattes, smoothies and baking. At Match Source, you can expect the best quality teas and excellent customer service at www.matchasource.com.  Now, we all can get the benefits of matcha tea at a great price. Try it today! For a limited time, you can also get a Free Bamboo Tea Scoop with Cafe Grade Gotcha Matcha 200g Bag – Save $6.

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