Homemade Aloe Vera Recipes


Many natural products include Aloe Vera in ingredients and rightfully so.  Aloe contains several essential minerals such as copper, magnesium, and potassium to name a few and vitamins, such as B12, A, C, and E.  With these cell regenerating and healing properties Aloe provides numerous benefits for the hair and scalp.   Aloe users claim it to be effective for preventing hair shedding, breakage, and ceasing hair loss.  Individuals experiencing such may use Aloe as a moisturizer, conditioner, or a combination of both as a treatment for hair conditions.   As both a conditioner and moisturizer, Aloe can be applied directly to the scalp and hair.  In either of the applications, Aloe will also soften, strengthen, and add sheen to the hair.

Below are some homemade Aloe Vera hair recipes you may use at your leisure.  In all recipes, the Aloe is extracted directly from the plant although you could attempt to modify the recipes with store bought Aloe gel.  Finding what’s right for you is really about experimenting, so have some fun while learning about your hair.  Please note:  The recipe amounts are approximate as I typically “eye” my ingredients instead of accurately measuring (for everything). I have a hard time following directions sometimes, but it typically works out for me. If I find consistency is not what I want, I add more or less of something (smile).

Aloe Vera Gel
Cut the aloe leaf and scoop out the gel contents into a clean dish. Next, squeeze the contents of 5 capsules of Vitamin E (you may also substitute 2 tsp. of olive oil or coconut oil for the Vitamin E) for every 1/4 cup of gel you scooped into the dish. Afterwards, sprinkle about 1/2 teaspoon of Vitamin C powder into the dish (think of this as adding lemon juice to your fruit to keep it fresh longer) and mix all ingredients together.  Afterwards, place a lid on the container and store until ready to use.

Aloe Vera Shampoo
Cut the aloe leaf and scoop out the gel contents into a clean dish. Next, mix equal parts of either coconut milk or castile soap with the Aloe gel.  Add the contents of approximately 5 Vitamin E capsules and for a scent, drops of your favorite essential oil (my favorites are chamomile, lavender and grapeseed) and mix again.  Pour into a container (a clean old shampoo bottle) until ready to use. Need an easier recipe?  Just scoop and mix equal parts of the aloe vera gel with your favorite all natural shampoo.

Split Aloe

Aloe Vera Conditioner
Cut the aloe leaf and scoop out the gel contents into a clean dish.  Next, add one or more of your choice of natural oils (olive, coconut, grapeseed, almond, jojoba, etc.) and blend on medium speed with a mixer.  Voila!  Use after your favorite shampoo.  

Aloe Vera Rinse
Cut the aloe leaf and scoop out the gel contents into a clean dish and mix with water (I use a hand mixer).  The mix on this one is about 1/4 cup to 32 oz of water.  The easier alternative is to buy 100% Aloe Vera from the store and use straight from the bottle.  Either way, you can use this as a rinse after a shampoo and then apply a leave in conditioner or you can use it as a final rinse after a regular conditioning treatment to close cuticle and seal in moisture.

*Aloe typically does not have any side effects.  However, use your own personal judgement and/or consult a professional for any concerns.